About Us


Youth Parliament is made up of representitives from every secondary school and from any youth groups/young people's support groups who want to be involved. The doors to parliament are always open; any young person interested in being involved is made welcome. Representation is particularly encouraged and welcomed from minority groups such as Medway Young Carers and Gay Youth in Medway.
The FE colleges in Medway have been approached to find student representation. We currently have representatives from Mid-Kent College and are hopeful of encouraging representatives from the other such establishments.

Membership is constantly changing and growing and we are continuing to look at ways of reaching the young people who are not yet participating.

Our membership is currently 87. The current ethnic minority membership is over 23%

The membership of the Parliament is looked at closely at the end of each academic year to ensure that students from all schools are properly represented. Where gaps are found, contact is made with the school and the student council to offer help and support in electing a new representative. Similarly, when a member stands down, contact is made with the school or youth group offering support.

We currently have members from:


Abbey Court School                                                                                     Youth Organisations                                           
Chatham Grammar School for Boys
Chatham Grammar School for Girls                                                         BME Youth Forum                                                
Bishop of Rochester Academy                                                                  Gillingham Youth for Christ
Fort Pitt Grammar School                                                                            Medway Air Cadets
Greenacre School for Boys                                                                         St Mary's Island Youth Club
Howard School                                                                                              Medway Young Carers
Hundred of Hoo Secondary School                                                           YP2 Youth Club
MidKent College                                                                                          SGNG
Brompton Academy                                                                                      Agathoid Explorers South Unit
Rainham Mark Grammar School
Rainham School for Girls
Robert Napier School
Rochester Grammar School for Girls

Rochester Independant College
Maths School

Strood Academy

Thomas Aveling School
Walderslade School for Girls

We also have a member who represents young people who live in medway but are educated outside of the area and a member who represents young people on gap years.

There are 9 full parliament sessions per year. The cabinet group (democratically elected from the parliament) meet two weeks before the full meetings to set the agenda. 

Campaign Group meetings and action group meetings are held as and when they are needed. Members can sign up to as many Campagin Groups and action groups as they choose. Current Campaign Groups are Transport, Health, Community Issues, Young People's Futures . Working groups are formed for one-off pieces of work, for example organising the annual youth conference. A picture from the 2010 annual youth conference is above.

Members are encouraged to seek opportunities to have a seat on all forums where decisions are made that concern young people and to challenge areas where this is not happening. 

MYP members represent Medway's young people on:


Medway Children's Trust Board
Community Safety Partnership

Medway Youth Trust Partnership Board

Medway Council's Overview & Scrutiny Committee
TryAngle Awards Awarding Committee
Kent and Medway Young Peoples' Safety Forum (KMYPSF)

Transport Partnership Board

Local Agenda 21 Partnership Board

Medway Local strategic Partnership

Time is Now Forum

Chatham Forum

Medway Young People's funding awarding committee

Community Cohension Forum

Medway Young Commissioners

YOF/YFC Panel (Youth Opportunity Fund)

MYP has been consulted on the following issues:


Personal Safety information for young people

Transport in Medway

Young people and sport

Future of Medway Youth Trust

Hear by Right

Regeneration of Chatham Town Centre and Rochester Riverside

Young people's on-line directory

Medway Myplace Big Lottery Fund bid
Student Health Services in Schools