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Posted by Claire Curran on 19/05/2012   Email

Hi to the new MYP gang from a very old ex-MYP vice chair. Its great to see how far you've all come, from our days in a drafty office in the Jumpers Rebound Centre! I just wanted to say well done on carrying on speaking up for the youth of Medway, and when it's time to hang up your MYP badge, remember the confidence and friendships you have gained along the way. I will be popping down to Kent (I live in Berkshire these days with my two children, age 5 and 3 and my partner of 12 years) in the summer, and hope to pop in and see you all. Much respect, Claire, Vice-Chair, 1st Youth Parliament, 1999-2000, now a Mum and professional blogger

Posted by Ben Rist on 22/02/2011   Email

hi jon, we'd love it if youd bring ur baby... amazing congratulations - ir'll be good to see u again ben

Posted by Jon Arundell on 17/02/2011   Email

Hello MYP, like the new website, very nice, Congrats to all the new people on their positions, hope everyone is doing well. I have changed jobs yet again, Governments and all that! Was going to ask if it is ok for me to bring baby in when it arrives! Not due till May but had five minutes and went surfing. I am not sure how many young people will actually know who I am but a baby will still be of interesting if only for screaming during a meeting. LOL Hope your all doing well. Jon