How does Medway Youth Parliament work?

MYP Members with Maggie Atkinson, Children's Commissioner for England


The Medway Youth Parliament is an independent body of young people, aged 13 - 19, supported by Medway Council through the Youth Service. The aims and objectives of the MYP have been drawn up by young people:



- To represent all young people in Medway at local, national and international level
- To make responses to issues and concerns that effect the lives of young people.
- Seek to inform and influence decision makers at the appropriate level.
- To inform young people of

      The progress made on the issues and  concerns raised. 
       Their rights and responsibilities within the community.



- To provide a forum for debate on the issues that concern young people in Medway.
- To act as a consultancy for Medway Council and other decision-makers on issues that effect young people.
- To promote the qualities of young people and the contribution that they make to the community.


Members have a responsibility to feed back information from the Parliament to young people in their school or youth group - and to bring any issues or opinions from their group to the Parliament.

Other meetings are held as and when they are needed - to discuss specific issues, like transport or community safety - or when someone from outside the Parliament wants to talk to a group and either cannot wait until the next meeting, or they need longer than we could give them at a full meeting


MYP Members outside the Houses of Parliament