Our Cabinet Members

MYP has a policy that all members are completely equal. There is a cabinet to organise and run the workings of the youth parliament itself, this contains a chair, vice-chair, chairs of campaign groups and members sitting on outside "adult" boards. These members hold no power as such and do not "run" the parliament - just co-ordinate what is happening.

Rachel Mackintosh- Chair

2011/2012 looks to be a great year for Medway Youth Parliament. As MYP it is our duty to represent the young people of Medway and to try and improve the lives they lead, therefore we decided to have four campaign groups this year. This means we have a clear focus for the year ahead and we can make a positive impact on the areas we felt needed most work. We decided on community issues, transport, wellbeing and young people’s futures as our four campaign groups.
Medway Youth Parliament would be nothing without the fantastic people who put in all the hard work in to our campaigns; we have the best members, hand down. It’s great working with everyone; we become good friends and like our own little MYP family. This is what I love about MYP, the fact you can come in, completely new and are welcomed in to the group like you’ve known them for years. As chair I want to make sure this continues. I strongly encourage any interested young people to come and see what we’re all about, and I swear that every single person who comes along will feel included, and will want to return.
Having a laugh, making friends, voicing your opinions and making a difference on the lives of young people we represent are all part of being a member of MYP. So if this sounds good to you then I hope to see you at our next meeting, and I promise you, you’ll never look back.

Richard Odle - Vice Chair


Chairs of campaign groups- see links on the left:
Community Issues - Ben Rist
Transport  - Mark Ruddy
Young People's futures - Aston Brand
Wellbeing- Mems Ayinla
Website -  Ryan Browring

Minutes Secretary - Kailey Hazeldene

MYP has seven separate committees, each of which deal with different but equally vital role of allowing MYP to do its job of giving young people a voice, and do it well. To find out more about each committee and some of the action groups which are going on within it, please click on the links on the left hand side of the screen.

Outside Board Representatives - see link on the left:
Overview and Scrutiny:                 Sam Tutt and Richard Odle
Children's Trust Board:                Salmaan Khan
UK Youth Parliament:                   Mark Ruddy and Rachel Mackintosh

To find out more about these boards please visit the outside boards section on the left hand side of the page