Youngs People's Futures Chair - Aston Brand

Young People’s Futures
The overall aim of our campaign group is to broaden, expand and improve the advice that is available for students regarding education and education related schemes. This involves developing the available information on sixth form and university and improving the information related to alternative schemes; such as, Apprenticeships and BTECs. We also aim to present this information in a student-friendly manner.
In order to do this we have created three long-term aims that we wish to achieve. These are:
§       Find out what we want to change about the ways information is presented to young people, focussing primarily on ‘Your Choice in Medway’.
§       Retrieve and present information that is clear and concise.
§       Get this information into all schools, preferably at a younger age.
 This campaign group also ties in with this year’s Annual Conference, which is based on the opportunities that are available to young people in Medway.