Current MYP News and Campaigns

Medway Youth Parliament has always tried to represent young people's views and take them to who needs to hear them. Young people have always complained about the cost of public transport and the poor quality of service you get for your money. A proud moment in MYP's history is the reduction of bus fairs to half price for young people in medway, however we are fully aware that young people in Kent and London get free bus travel (even in our current economic climate). Even if we can not make buses free for young people in medway we will continue to campaign for far lower bus fares than those already charged and will also look into regeneration plans and how that will affect the service.

However the majority of young people will not be aware of a potenetial problem until it affects them and in some cases this can be absolutly life changing. This is where our young people sitting on outside boards come in, they not only provide a voice for young people in Medway but an ear aswell. A good example is the accelerated and extended curriculum provided for by some secondary schools in medway. After being discussed at a Children and Adults Overview and Scrutiny meeting, it was made aware to the Youth Parliament that their could be a problem with students going through these curriculums and applying to university, especially the Russell Group (top 20). Now it should be stressed that if you go to one of these schools it does not mean you are not going to be accepeted. However certain routes will mean you are disadvantaged less and we have an action group looking into the extent of the issue and how students can be helped, so they can do what gets them to where they want.

We are great believers in Win Win situations. In October we teamed up with Medway Police to run a confrence called "What a Cop Out!..... Are they really that bad?" This was delievered to 160 young people with the intention of a better opinion of the police from young people. The day was a great success and many of the young people which attended thought better of the police at the end of the day. In light of the success, the Police would like to continue a dialogue between themselves and young people. They have therefore given funding and support for the establishment of a Youth Independent Advisory Group. This group will consist of intrested young people from a variety of backgrounds and their advise will directly affect decisons made within Medway Police. 

MYP has always been a keen supporter of charity. Most recently we did a cake sale and collection at Medway Council's Offices at Gun Wharf raising £500 for Children In Need. On the 19th Novemember 2010 our members presented a cheque at the Children in Need event at Medway Park

There are many more action groups running this year and I'm sure more will start as the year will go on. Please take a bit of time to look around the site to find out what else is going on. If you would like to know more about any of the projects MYP does, please contact us :)