Outside Boards

Medway Youth Parliament is responsible for representing the young people's views in Medway. In order to do this, it means we need to be talking to the right people. We therefore have members who permenatly sit on boards outside that of MYP, so we are heard. They are listed below

Medway Council's Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Richard Odle and Sam Tutt - Overview & Scrutiny Members


Overview and Scrutiny (OnS) is a body within medway council which oversees educationial decisons and matters within the local area. Examples could be the academies program, SEN support or transition between different Key stages. It consists of around 15 councillors along with a governor, a teacher, headteacher, Link and legal representitive. We have two members on this committee, after the council voted for a second young person to join. As members without voting rights they are allowed to input young peoples views on any issue presented at the committie. For more information on OnS, please visit the medway council website

Children's Trust Board

Salmaan Khan - Children's Trust Board Representatives


Medway Police Independent Advisory Group (IAG)

IAG is a group who advise the police on how they should improve in developing links and approaching various groups of people. IAG therefore consists of people who represent various Relegious, ethnic, sexuality, disability and age groups. From this MYP has gone onto work with the Medway Police hate crime unit, to deleiver a confrence to 160 young people about police perception and how the police view young people. The confrence was a massive success and proves that young people and Police can work together for a common good and as such a Youth Independent Advisory group is being established by MYP with Police support.

United Kingdom Youth Parliament

Mark Ruddy & Rachel Mackintosh - UKYP representatives


MYP is allowed to have two members on UKYP and two deputies. UKYP is the nationial version of us and lobbys goverment and national agencies to improve young peoples lives nationwide. They have regionial meetings every six weeks but meet nationally in the House of Commons every year (the only other group except MP's allowed to sit there!). For more information, please visit UKYP's website at http://www.ukyouthparliament.org.uk/


Ben Rist, Hannah Aldous and Mat Doe - forum reps

Kent and Medway Young People's Safety Forum is a forum that debates on issues concerning young people in Kent and Medway and is made of 4 Members from Medway Youth Parliament, 4 Members from Kent Youth County Council and 4 Members from Kent Safe Schools. It's a forum that in joint partnership that has over the years created:

- Anti Social Behaviour Leaflets
- Internet Safety Film - ESafe, BeSafe!
- ZCard Safety Leaflets

We have even starred in a police training DVD!

At the moment we are working on a Street Safety campaign that will include designing 3D posters to go into schools telling young people about Street Safety.