TryAngle Awards


Try Angle Awards

“Recognising the efforts and achievements of young people in our community”

 The Try Angle Awards are awards for young people aged 10 –18. They were introduced in 1994 to raise the profile of the vast majority of young people in the community who really do TRY, often with little recognition, to DO THEIR BEST!!


 All nominees, together with their guests, are invited to a very high profile presentation evening organised and ran by the Medway Youth Parliament.  At this event everyone who is nominated receives a certificate of recognition and the winning nominee in each category receives a Try Angle Award trophy.  


All of the cateorgies are below:

There are ten categories altogether. Eight of which are national categories and two are Medway specific. These categories are:


1) Bravery – A Try angle Award that recognises acts of Bravery by young   people or the outstanding efforts of those who cope bravely with illness or other adversity.

2) Personal achievement in the arts – for those who have done their best to improve on their own personal achievements in the arts (dance, video and crafts, etc.)

3) Personal achievement in music – for those who have done their best to improve on their own personal achievement in music in any form.

4) Personal achievement in sport or outdoor activity – for those who have done their best to improve on their own personal achievements in sport or outdoor activity demonstrating sportsmanship, fair play and commitment.

5) Good friends and young carers – for those who spend time being a good friend or carer to another in their family or in the local community.

6) Volunteering and service to the community – recognising the efforts and achievement of young people (either individuals or groups) who have been of service to others in the community.

7) Citizenship and environment – a Try Angle to recognise the achievement of young people (either as individual or groups) involved in initiatives, such as youth action groups, school or youth councils, or environmental work in the area.  

8) Personal development award– A Try Angle Award recognising special achievement in education and after school activities not covered in other categories.

 These categories are Medway only categories:

9) Change makers award – A Triangle award recognising young people  (either individuals or groups) who have campaigned for change to improve  the quality of life for young people.

10) Positive media award – Try Angle award recognising those individuals or groups who have created a positive image of young people in the local media.

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